Chinese Fried Rice With Mix vegetables

Veg Chinese Fried Rice With Mix vegetables

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How to make veg Chinese fried riceChinese Fried Rice With Mix vegetables

1. soak one cup basmati rice in water for 30 minutes. Then drain and keep the rice aside.soaked rice

2. bring 4.5 to five cups water, ½ tsp salt and 2-3 drops of oil to a mild boil. Add the drained soaked rice.
adding rice to the predicament

3. Simmer on a coffee flame without a lid and cook the rice till they’re hard or simply cooked.
cooking rice within the pan

4. strain during a colander and let the rice cool completely. Cover and keep the rice aside. you’ll also rinse the rice with water in order that the  Veg Chinese fried rice

Gently together with your hands, move the cooked rice grains, while rinsing them with water. Drain completely. Cover and keep aside.

Veg Chinese fried rice:Chinese Fried Rice With Mix vegetables

5. when the rice is cooling, chop the vegan finely and keep aside.

They take longer to cook than other veggies. you will also blanch them 1st then cook. an alternative choice is to feature the bean 1st then add the opposite vegetables.

vegetables for creating Chinese fried rice
Veg Chinese fried ricefor Chinese fried rice

6. heat 2 to 2.5 tbsp oil during a wok or a pan. First add 1 star anise and fry for a few seconds or till the oil becomes fragrant.

star anise within the oil during a wok

7. Add the garlic. Saute for a few seconds. No got to brown the garlic.
adding garlic for creating Chinese fried rice

8. add 2 tbsp chopped spring onions whites and saute for two minutes.
adding chopped spring onions whites

9.added all the finely chopped veggies including the celery. Increase the flame to medium or highest and fry the vegetables.
add all the finely chopped veggies

10. you’ve got to continuously toss and stir while frying in order that the veggies are uniformly cooked and don’t get burnt. frying vegetables for creating veg Chinese fried rice

11. the veggies need to be stir-fried till they’re almost cooked and yet retain their crunch.

Chinese Fried Rice With Mix vegetables

Veg Chinese fried rice for creating veg Chinese fried rice

12. add 3 tsp soy, salt and ½ tsp black pepper powder. keep a check when adding salt, as soy already has salt in it.
making veg Chinese fried rice recipe making Chinese fried rice

13. stir quickly and add the rice. adding rice

14. fry for a couple of minutes till the sauce has coated the rice well. cooking veg Chinese fried rice

15. Add 1 tsp rice vinegar (optional). you’ll also add regular vinegar. Mix well. adding rice vinegar to veg Chinese fried rice
16. Added chopped spring onions greens to garnish the rice. you’ll also mix chopped spring onions greens with the rice. garnishing veg Chinese fried rice

17. Serve Chinese Chinese fried rice hot plain or with an Indo Chinese vegetable recipe. you’ll serve it with any Indo Chinese gravy dish.veg Chinese fried rice , fried rice, Chinese fried rice

Tips for creating Chinese fried rice

1.Don’t overcook the rice. they need to be hard or simply cooked. Always drain and completely cool the rice before you fry them with the veggies. If the rice isn’t cooled and added hot or warm, you won’t get an ideal texture and therefore the rice grains will break and become mushy.

2.Besides the regular vegetables like carrots, beans utilized in the veg Chinese fried rice , I even have also added button mushrooms. you’ll add your choice of vegetables once you make this Chinese Chinese fried rice . you’ll make it from freshly cooked rice or leftover rice.

3.To give a sweet taste, you’ll add a touch of spaghetti sauce .

4.To give a hot taste and flavour, you’ll add some red condiment or green condiment.

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5.Whenever you create any Chinese recipe then always Add celery to urge the important Chinese taste. without celery, something are going to be missing.

you’ll make Chinese food without other important ingredients like spring onions but not without celery.

But if you don’t have celery then there’s no option or substitute. Just skip adding it. This Chinese Chinese fried rice will still taste good without celery. you’ll see the celery pic below.

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