sitaphal rabdi recipe custard apple

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sitaphal rabdi recipe/custard apple recipes dessert/custard apple fruits recipes

Custard apple – a mouth-watering fruit famous for its sweetness and creamy textures. I and My kids love these yummy 😋 fruits. Come the winter season and that they await the custard apple.

If I buy the raw ones they keep an eye fixed on them until they become ripe. If they can not wait such long, then they put a number of these fruits within the middle of the rice grains sack. By subsequent day, the fruits would be ripe and prepared to be used.

♦sitafal rabdi recipe

This time I wanted to undertake a special dish with this delicious fruit – custard apple Rabdi. I generally don’t believe cooking with fruits.

Because I’m of the opinion that veggies are meant for cooking and fruits should be consumed as is. But this sitaphal rabdi is an exception to the present notion of mine.

sitaphal rabdi recipe

When I first heard of this recipe, I used to be quite tempted to undertake this out.

Firstly, because rabdi may be a rich, delicious and creamy dessert 🍨 made with milk.

Secondly, seethaphalam maybe fruit with similar qualities. The fusion of those two ingredients yielded another dessert dish which was soooooo delicious.

♦custard apple dessert recipes

Seethafal rabdi was very smooth, creamies soft and melt in mouth dessert with the flavour of custard apple. My man loved it tons and that I was on cloud ⛅ nine.

Can somebody get me down? or even, you’ll join me on this cloud by preparing this guilt-free sweet dish.

seetaphalam rabdi

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Extract the pulp from the custard apples and keep it aside. Take milk during a pan. I even have used a non-stick pan, but you’ll use a traditional one also.

Cook on a coffee flame stirring every 2-3 minutes.

We want to form a rabdi with this milk. So, boil on a coffee flame until it becomes almost half the first quantity and therefore the colour changes to a creamy, that’s once we have attained the consistency of rabdi. At now, add sugar and blend well.

We add sugar to stop kinds of milk curdling after adding the pulp of custard apple. Sometimes, even after the addition of sugar, the milk tends to curdle.

So, add a pinch of bicarbonate of soda. Mix well. Now add the pulp of custard apple and blend well.

Mix well. Taste a spoonful for the sweetness. If it’s not sufficient, add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar. If it’s become too sweet, then add little milk and balance it.

The sweetness of the custard apples differs from one apple to a different. So do check for the tastes before proceeding furthers. Allow it to return to a boil.

Upon cooling, the rabdi tends to thicken. So, confirm that you simply don’t thicken it such a lot at the time of cooking. Add a pinch of cardamoms powders as per your taste.

I didn’t want the flavour of cardamom in my custard apple dessert, hence avoided it. But, if you wish the flavour of cardamom thereupon of custard apple, then add a pinch of it and blend well.

When it starts boiling, cut the flame and serve at temperature or chilled. it’s best served when chilled.

♦custard apple recipes Indian

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Custard apple 2 ( in numbers ) Or Custard apple pulp 1 cup

Milk 2 cups

Baking soda pinch

Sugar 1 tsp

Cardamom powder pinch (optional)


Keep the pulp of the custard apples ready.
Boil milk during a pan on a coffee flame stirring it once in every 2-3 minutes. Bring it to the consistency of rabdi.
Once the milk is thickened and becomes cream in colour, add sugar and blend well.
Add a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and blend again.
Now add the pulp of the custard apples and blend well.
Bring it a boil and cut the flame.
Serve at temperature or chilled.

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