how to make french fries

how to make french fries

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french fries recipe | fingers chips | the way to make homemade french-fried potatoes with an in-depth recipe. a hugely popular deep-fried snack recipe made with fewer starch potatoes.

the concept of french-fried potatoes was popularised by the fast-food chain McDonald’s and served as sides with burger or sandwich meal.

Store-bought comes with artificial preservatives for the additional stiffness, but an equivalent is often achieved in homemade with none preservatives.

♦how to make french-fried potatoes with step by step :

firstly, peel the skin of the potato. recommend using Maris piper potatoes as they need creamy white flesh and fluffy texture.

cut into 1 cm thick sticks.

rinse in ice-cold water until the starch runs out clean.

pat dry during a kitchen towel to get rid of excess moisture.

now deep fry in hot oil. confirm the oil is approximately 140-degree Celcius. or preheat and bake at 250-degree celsius for 40 minutes.

deep fry for six minutes or until the potatoes turn tender. they’re going to not go brown at this stage.

drain off over kitchen towel and funky completely. if you’re looking to freeze the potatoes, then you’ll freeze the fries in zip lock bag up to three months.

once they’re cooled completely, deep fry in hot oil. confirm the oil is approximately 180-degree Celcius.

stir occasionally and fry until it turns golden brown and crisp.

drain off to get rid of excess oil.

now sprinkle ½ tsp chilli powder and ½ tsp salt. mix well.

finally, enjoy homemade french-fried potatoes with eggless mayonnaise as a night snack.
french fries recipe

fingers chips french-fried potatoes recipe | finger chips | the way to make homemade french-fried potatoes with step by step recipe.

potato-based snack recipes are quite common across the world. even in India, it’s widely wont to make differing types of snacks including pakora, fry, bajji’s and even with street food Manchurians.

But the favoured variations is its chips and french-fried potatoes offerings known for its crisp and attractive.

I have been getting tons of requests for homemade potato chips and homemade fries recipes lately. particularly the requests were more aligned toward the crisp and texture.

in my previous post, I had shown the way to make thin and crisp potato chips. basically, i’m using an equivalent Maris piper variety which has less moisture and starch in it.

In other words, it’s less quantity of liquid in it, which helps to stay the chips or fries crispy

yet the crispiness is not any match to what we get in McDonald’s or the other fast-food joint. this is often because there isn’t any artificial crispiness agent.

you’ll add or dust cornflour slightly just before deep-frying, but not necessarily required.

♦french fries recipe

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furthermore, i might wish to add some more tips, suggestions and variations to homemade finger chips. firstly, i might heavily recommend choosing large and lengthy potatoes for this recipe.

This because once you cut lengthwise, it might have sufficient strength to carry shape. secondly, unlike the potato chips, you would like to deep fry the potatoes twice.

the primary batch would help to cook the potatoes inside and therefore the next batch for the outer layer. lastly, these chips might not hold the crispiness forever and need to be served immediately. if you are doing not get the chips potatoes or Maris piper potatoes, you’ll need to freeze the potatoes after the primary batch of deep-frying.

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