Eggless Malai Cake Recipe

Eggless Malai Cake Recipe

Eggless Malai Cake Recipe

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Eggless Malai Cake Recipe

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Eggless Malai Cake in cooker jogs my memory of my childhood. I even have many memories associated with malai cake.

My mom wont to make this recipe of malai cake during a cooker on behalf of me and my sister.Eggless Malai Cake Recipe

She wont to bake this malai cake without an oven (her old prestige cooker).

The other reason this easy Malai cake recipe is on the brink of my heart is that this was the primary cake I baked once I was 14.

Back then, I never thought that I will be able to be sharing my Mom’s malai cake recipe with you all.

Though I even have made a couple of changes, the credit goes to her. we’ll find out how to form eggless malai cake just during a while.

Eggless malai cake recipe:

Last week once I and my son were discussing my childhood, he asked,” Did Nani (my mom) use to bake once you were small, a bit like now you bake for me?”Eggless Malai Cake Recipe

I called my mom, checked the recipe together with her and baked this malai cake for my son.

Sliced Malai Cake

I couldn’t resist myself from biting it as soon because it was done. didn’t await it to chill, sliced it and ate.

I don’t have an appetite but the aroma of freshly baked eggless Malai cake made me a toddler again.

Malai Cake Mixture:

Once sugar dissolves, add semolina, sifted flour, leaven, bicarbonate of soda, salt, milk, and vanilla essence. Mix all the ingredients evenly and let this batter rest for five minutes.

Dry and Wet Ingredients for Malai Cake

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180 °C.

Tutti Frutti in Malai Cake Batter

If you would like, you’ll use butter paper also which can help to de-mould the cake easily after baking.Eggless Malai Cake Recipe

Malai Cake Batter

Malai Cake Batter Before Baking

Bake this during a preheated oven at 180 °C for 25 minutes or until it passes the toothpick test.

Freshly Baked Malai Cake

Malai cake recipe within the cooker
You can bake this cake on the gas range during an autoclave. Put salt within the cooker as a base. Place one stand thereon and keep the baking tin on the stand. Close the lid and take away the whistle and gasket.

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Malai Cake Full Loaf

Delicious, moist, tender and loaded with the richness of malai, the Eggless malai cake is prepared.Eggless Malai Cake Recipe

Slices of Malai Cake

Slice it and serve it together with your choice of tea or coffee.

Malai Cake Slice

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