Black Forest CAKE Easy Recipie

Black Forest CAKE Easy Recipie

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Flat Top Cakes

You know, the grocery kind with the nuclear red maraschino cherries? My Dad loved that cake and always got it for her birthday, and sometimes at other times throughout the year also. This was epically disappointing to me.

Whys on earth would you ruin a wonderfully delicious cake with those sickly sweets, sticky, artificial tasting cherries? Whyyyyy? Needless to mention, I ate around them, but they totally tainted the cake and frosting. Sad times.

Now that i feel about it, it’s probably been an honest 20-25 years since I’ve had that cake.

I’ve talked about my disdain for maraschino cherries before, which feels still holds faithful today. I even have caved and used them as a garnish because I will be able to admit, they appear pretty and just accompany certain desserts, but they get plucked right off before eating the cake.

Over 50 of my very favourite cake recipes beat one place! From Classic Cakes to Holiday favourites and everything in between.

Thing is, I actually love cherries. Real cherries. Fresh cherries. they’re one among my favourite summer seasonal fruits. So, I depart to re-create the decades-old Black Forest Cake my way.

Close up of the bark on the cake
I promise you, this is often one among the simplest cakes you’ll make.

It looks fancier than it’s, and therefore the chocolate bark was actually dead easy to form. The trickiest a part of this cake is ensuring you don’t have any lingering cherry pits in your cherries, which totally happened thanks to a less-than-stellar cherry pitter that broke after about 10 cherries.

Needless to mention, it got returned.

Overhead shot of the cake
So, super easy cake, an easy topping for frosting, and fresh cherries. That’s really all you would like .

In order to stay it traditional, I also made a cherry syrup (using kirsch – cherry liqueur) to brush onto the cake layers.

You can leave this out if you’d wish to keep it kid-friendly or use a non-alcoholic cherry syrup.

Cake with fresh cherries beside it.


The chocolate bark on the side of the cake is far easier to form than it’s. I first saw this on my friend Janette’s Irish cake. She features a tutorial to point out you ways to form it, and that I basically followed her steps: melt chocolate, spread on parchment, chill, unroll.

The only difference is that I popped mine into the freezers for 25min other than the fridge for 30min because I’m mega impatient.

I actually didn’t think it might compute, to be honest, since it had been my first time tryed it and everyone, but it worked great!

I actually thought my pieces were too bigs/thick and were this close to re-melts it and trying it again, but after I placed them on the cake they looked perfect.

Close up of the cake

You will need to work quickly with this chocolate bark — since the chocolate isn’t tempered, it’ll melt on contact.

I recommend using food-safe latex gloves in order that you’re not touching the chocolate directly. it’ll help plenty. I also popped the chocolate shards back within the fridge/freezer here and there to chill them off — it had been a hot day too, in order that didn’t help my plight.

At one point I actually had the cakes and barks within the fridge and was placed the shards on the cake with the fridge door open (lol).

Desperate times. Is it Fall yet??

I used a vegetable peeler on a block of chocolate to make the chocolate shavings on top, then used a 1M tip to pipe rosettes out of the topping on tops

Really though, you’ll skip all the bells and whistles and just do a country frosting jobs with the topping.

A piece of cake on a plate
If you’re a Black Forest Cake fan, I hope you are trying this version! And if you’re not, maybe these recipes will convert you.

It is far better than those you’ll get at the grocery, I promise!


You can leave the cherry liqueur out (though it’s traditional) or use a non-alcoholic version.

You can use maraschino cherries or use cherry pie filling rather than fresh cherries.

When making the topping frosting, confirm everything is chilled, because the cream will whomp

up better. I stick my mixer bowl and whisk within the freezer beforehand to relax them before starting.

you also like:

I used this system from my friend Janette to make the chocolate bark. I like to recommend

wearing food-safe latex gloves when handling the bark because the heat from your hands will melt the chocolate. Work quickly regardless!

This cake won’t keep incredibly long thanks to the topping. i like to recommend eating within 1-2

days and storing within the fridge. I don’t recommend freezing.

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