Best Bengali Mava Rasgulla Recipie

Best Bengali Mava Rasgulla Recipie

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A lot of sweets and desserts in Indians are made use milk and typically, they’re also the foremost popular ones. One such popular sweets are rasgulla, it comes from the state of West Bengal which is legendary for its mouth-watering desserts.

Rasgulla is formed from “chena” which is obtained by curdling the milk. The chena is mashed, made smooth then cooked in boiling syrup. the most problem with making rasgullas reception is that it doesn’t always turn soft. Actually making this sweet reception is basically easy, there are just a couple of basic items which should be kept in mind and that they will always end up perfect.

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1– Use a good pan for creating the rasgullas. They increase in size when dropped in boiling syrup so there should be enough space for the rasgullas to cook within the pan.

2– Add some water to chill down the milk before adding the lemon juice/vinegar to curdle it.

3– Squeeze out all the water from the chena before you begin mashing it.

4– Mash the chena together with your hands for a complete of 10 minutes. It should be totally smooth by the top of 10 minutes.

5– The water to sugar ratio should be 4:1. So for 1 cup of sugar, you’ve got to feature 4 cups of water and boil it at high flame.

6– The rasgullas increase in size while they’re cooking within the syrup so don’t make them too big unless you would like huge rasgullas.

7– Drop the rasgullas within the syrup once it’s completely boiling at high flame.

8– The flame has got to be high throughout the whole time when the rasgullas are cooking.

9– to see if the rasgullas are cooked, drop them in freshwater. they’re going to sink if done.

10– Transfer the rasgullas from the freshwater to the syrup once the syrup has cooled down.

11– Make each day beforehand, they taste the simplest subsequent days when the rasgullas have soaked the syrup well.


I will definitely update this post with step by step pictures once I make rasgullas again. Since I made these in India and it had been too hot within the kitchens, I couldn’t continue with clicking pictures side by side.
2 week and that they always begin perfect. So provides it with an attempt to enjoy these soft and delicious homemade rasgullas.

Bengali-Rasgulla-Recipe-no title-cwm

you also like:

* Use milk for best results

* If you think that the flame is just too high on your gas range and you’re afraid the rasgullas might burn, you’ll cook them indifferently. Let the sugar and water come to a boil, dropped the rasgulla into it then lower the warmth to medium, cover and cook for quarter-hour. After quarter-hour, remove the duvet, flip the rasgullas, cover and allow them to cook for an additional 20 minutes on medium flame. But remember to boil the syrup before adding the rasgullas.

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