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bananas chips recipe | homemade Kerala banana chips | banana ke chips with a detailed photo and video recipe. a stimulating deep-fried snack recipe made with greens raw banana or Kaccha kela wafers.

it’s a well-liked snack in south India and is usually made as munching evening snack or as compliment savoury snack with desserts. it’s very easy to form because it does only require raw banana, oil to deep fry and salt to taste.

banana chips recipe | homemade Kerala banana wafers | Kele ke chips with step by step recipe.

chips become one among the flavoured snacks acrossed India and consumed for various occasions. the foremost popular variant is that the potato-based chips which even comes with different flavoured and shapes.

having said that, the normal banana chips from south Indian has its own place in its popularity and also the tasted and flavour.

while I always keep a check on my deep-fried snack consumption and that I attempt to avoid the maximum amount as possible. having said that I’m going crazy when it involves deep-fried chips.

I don’t have any preferences intrinsically and that I like most the chips variant. be it potato, bitter guard, jack fruit, banana, bhindi or maybe a sweet potato. yet I make the banana chips quite frequently due to 2 main reasons.

firstly, the ingredients are very minimal and may be made during a quick session. the opposite main reason is that the crisp level you attain after deep frying as compared to other vegetables is outstanding.

as an example for potato chips, you would like to be specific with potatoes to possess the crisp level.

♦homemade dried banana wafers

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anyway, some tips, suggestions, variations for an ideal and a crisp banana chips recipe. firstly, I even have used raw and tender green banana for this recipe, for the simplest result.

having said that you simply also can use slightly ripe or maybe ripe banana for a sweet and savoury banana wafer.

secondly, add turmeric to water and rinsing banana slices, will help to urge bright yellow colour to chips.

lastly, store these in an airtight container for the extended time period. you’ll also choose zip locks back and pack it in smalls bags.

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